30 Something

30 Something is the first product for sale from Abyssurdian Productions. Inspired by the scarcity marketing model by the late great Nipsey Hussle, we are only producing 300. Tempered by an unsustainably hospitable East African aversion to making anyone pay for anything, we are offering them for a suggested donation of $30 (the kitsch of my 30th birthday). Rounded out by the business models of Radiohead and Matatu Festival, there’s a “pay what you feel” option for folks who want to invest more in Abyssurdian Productions than we know how to ask for (yet). Folks who want to support our weird ideas and new places we want to take conversations about Eritrea and beyond.

Contents include: 

  • Official film poster, Life is Fare (24in x 32in)

  • 10 Life is Fare standard size post cards (color)

  • Personal note from Sephora on Abyssurdian letterhead

Yes. Yes I invested in letterhead paper on nice card stock in 2019. YES I PLAN TO USE IT. And I am still in a place where I like to respond to people in written words so if you support I’m sending you a handwritten message.

Thank you so much for investing in Abyssurdian Productions. It will only get weirder from here.

— Sephora Woldu  

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