Impresa! (2013) Short Film, Narrative

Impresa! is a short film about a young woman in San Francisco contemplating starting her own art gallery. She is a first generation Eritrean American, and the perils of her untraditional business venture worry the family. An impromptu day trip visiting the most creative Eritrean and Ethiopian owned businesses in the Bay Area sheds a light, uplifting look into the thriving entrepreneurs of this East African community. Impresa! premiered at the 2013 San Francisco Black Film Festival, winning Best of the Bay, has been translated into French and Spanish, and reached audiences at the following institutions:

International Film Awards Berlin Montreal International Black Film Festival California Historical Society International Black Women’s Film Festival Silicon Valley African Film Festival (Winner, Emerging Film Award)

Director: Sephora Woldu DP: Richard Alex Durante Producer: Richard Alex Durante, Marshall Moses

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