Life is Fare (2018) Feature Film, Narrative

Life is Fare is a Tigrinya/ English feature film exploring three wildly different diaspora perspectives on the East African nation of Eritrea. A cross cultural analogy to challenge how patriotism and nationalism are practiced, it is inspired by current Eritrean and Ethiopian migration journeys worldwide. Life is Fare premiered at the 2018 Brooklyn Film Festival, going on to win awards and recognition at:

Marfa Film Festival New Orleans Film Festival Blackstar Film Festival Blackstar International Film Festival African Diaspora International Film Festival American Film Institute San Francisco Black Film Festival Asmara Indie Film Festival Silicon Valley African Film Festival Tenderloin Museum Museum of African Diaspora Google, 2018 Marketing Diversity Core Moscow Indie Film Festival* Indie Memphis** Oslo Independent Film Festival***

Winner, Balalaica Female Filmmaker* Winner, Craig Brewer Emerging Filmmaker Award** Winner, Best Foreign Feature***

Life is Fare was a labor of love towards cultivating meaningful and productive conversations about Eritrea. For these reasons, it is not for sale, but instead available for free download.

Director: Sephora Woldu Producer: Richard Alex Durante, Kiri Lewallen, Marshall Moses Associate Producer: Nicolas Jara, Fox Nakai, Larry Madrigal
Writer: Sephora Woldu
DP: Richard Alex Durante
Editor: Larry Madrigal, Sephora Woldu